Perry Aviation, USA


My name is Tony Perry, owner of Perry Aviation, USA. As NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisers, we are in business to provide our clients with a profession‚Äčal opinion of market value for all makes and model aircraft.

Certified Aircraft Appraisers

An appraisal is an opinion of value.  It is written by a person who has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to determine the value of the subject aircraft.  The process of developing an appraisal is intricate.  It is not, as most people assume, the act of looking up a value in a book or in a computer program.  Improper evaluations of aircraft by persons who are not qualified to make them, or by those who have their own agenda in pricing the subject aircraft, lead to trouble for unsuspecting buyers. High values are far more common than low values. No matter whether you are a buyer, seller, banker, or insurance company executive, you have a major stake in ensuring that the amount paid for the aircraft is reasonable. And how do you know what is reasonable unless an independent, objective, third party examines the aircraft and its records to verify that it is what is expected?   

What is an appraisal?